Scheduling / Planning

  • Add a New project and enter project informaion
  • Create a list of activities Define calendars and holidays
  • Create or transfer activity codes dictionary
  • Assign activity codes.
  • Enter duration and create relationship to each activity.
  • Organize layout by activity data item
  • Create resource dictionary with unit price
  • Assign all resources required for each activity
  • Level resources, define leveling options.
  • Stretch or crash the schedule as required.
  • Save the file as target


  • Format bars, summary bars, sight lines, time scale etc.

Tracking / Monitoring / Controlling

  • Decide frequency for updating actual data.
  • Back up the project before each update.
  • Click progress spotlight button on the toolbar before updating.
  • Update the schedule by entering actual start, % complete, actual finish (if 100% complete only), and
  • actual resources and actual costs.
  • Compare Planned Vs Actuals Date wise and Cost wise
  • If Project Progress is delayed, Suggest remedial measures to put back current finish date to target finish date.


  • Prepare modify & print Tabular reports
  • Graphical reports
  • Tabular reports

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